Purple Trainwreck Reviews

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  • “Dude, if you plan on seeing your girl in the near future start away from this because no matter how sexy she is you gonna make an excuse to stay home and not give a fuck. Also I learned how to make the greatest pillow fort in all the land. No girls allowed, just me and my dog Jack (to be fair he came up with the password so I had to let him in).”

  • PMP

    “Parents: Granddaddy Purple and Trainwreck Appearance: Violet buds with dark red hairs. Quite frosty. Looks like sparkling grape candy. Initial, almost immediate high, then tapers off into a physical stoney contentedness, then eventually to couch-locky lethargy. Great go-to for pain relief! highly effective long lasting pain reliever for a wide variety of ailments. If you consume a lot, this can also be grea...”

  • “Purple train wreck indeed does up lift your mood, me and my gf tried this strain together then we laughed for a good while. We started watching old cartoons like rug rats, courage the cowardly dog and it was amazing 😹 lol we saw a picture of telly tubbies and started laughing for a long time. The high lasted a long time, great strain High A.f”

  • “BEST strain I have smoked. I have a problem connecting with people but purple trainwreck made me comfortable socially. This was my favorite tasting bud of all time. It's pretty arousing so don't smoke unless you have a backup plan. I wasn't extremely hungry like other indica's but this was the most entertaining and spiritual high I've had in awhile. Helps lighten you're mood when you are upset and usually would have ...”

  • “5 star, no doubt, by far my favorite strain I've came across in a while. Also had an interesting effect, kind of an "adaptive" feel, like if you're on the go it wont slow you down one bit, but if you got nothing to do but sit around, it has good couch-lock potential as well. Very clean lemon/citrus scent with a slight skunky smell as well.”

  • “This strain is amazing. You will feel very relaxed, and have a mild body high (some tingling). My favorite part of this strain is that is doesn't make you feel stupid like some strains can make you feel. It allows you to keep your common sense but relieves pain, anxiety, and makes you just feel all around good.”

  • “Looks: Crazy. A bright vibrant violet color with an infestation of trichomes and burning red hairs. Almost no green and charming to the eye. Smell: Fruity yet dank. A mixed variety of scents all recognizable. Taste: Spicy and strong. A very pleasurable smoke. Buzz Type: Heavy head stone. Similar to that of Trainwreck. Buzz Length: Long lasting. 2-3 hours. Overall: One of the only strains I feel s...”

  • “Have been using Purple TrainWreck from CCCO for sleep & pain management. can't find any other type that provides these significant benefits. also have sinus problem esp. at night & don't have that difficulty anymore. love the taste. also use it to manage daytime pain. Euphoric feeling with the beneficial effects of the CBD's.”