Red Dragon Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I can barely write anything that makes coherent sense right now, omgggggggggggg........”

  • “The strain is the truth. For the ones who have a high tolerance (connoisseurs) it will take u bake to the time when u first got blazed, stoned, back, straight high as a monkeys ass in a tree! But... Beware it will have u set trippin make sure u got ur RedBox movies already at home. Had my wife paranoid as a damn squirrel tryna cross the street! It will suck u in cause of the sweet kool aid after taste it leaves but ...”

  • “I think this High was probally the best high out of all the weed i had, it was a happy, funny, calm, thinking out the box high. It was mostly a Body high but about 30%of it was a great head high!Great and i really recommend it too everybody”

  • “This is possibly the most medically relevant strain that I have ever tried for pain, nausea, involuntary muscle spams, and depression. I have torn rotator cuffs and after a day of work nothing can get the pain to dissappear accept for Red Dragon, not to be confused with Red Dragon Kush, which is not true Red Dragon. I would recommend this strain to anyone with disaibling pain, nausea or depression.”

  • “A very cool learning experience. This strain can get you higher than Pink Floyd if combined with a meditative peaceful state of mind. Its great for dealing with stress after work: if by nature your work is left brain intensive than I could see how this could be very distracting. This is more of a close your eyes and have a spiritual experience type of high: really more of my right brain was being flooded with dopamin...”

  • “I have had nugs from all over the world, really became a 420 conneseiuer & fell in love with grandaddy purp & maui wowie along the way, but Never! Never did I think I'd fall for a red haired girl Oh My!! Red Dragon is one of the most unique & euphoric, lifted mood & gentle beasts I've ever sampled! 2 words "Magic Weed"”

  • “This flower legitimately tastes red. Like tropical punch heavy on the guava with splashes of grapefruit. It's fucking delicious, and by far one of the best strains for PTSD and/or anxiety I have ever smoked. I just hate how hard it is to find!”