Rolls Choice Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Bingo! Gastrointestinal disorder nuked by this powerful crossbomb! Pungent deisel and chemical flavors drive this strains deep taste profile. Users beware because over dosing will definitely sit you down and open slumbers gate. Extreme medical values! Give this sucker a try if pain relief is what you seek.”

  • “Straight GAS! Really enjoyed it. Good for pain and insomnia.”

  • “The perfect balance between euphoria and a heavy stone. Nice pungent and sour, light neon green, oily nugs. The real good stuff. It's got that classic OG citrus gas aroma with a sour funk that reminds me of bad breath and rotting meat. Potent and balanced from my experience.”

  • “I usually prefer indicas, so I thought this would be a nice hybrid to get a good mix of both. Bright green, snowy like a white christmas, and nice fluffy buds. The smell and taste is heavily citrus/gas-y with a hint of pine- I love it. My headaches and neck pain melted away with a very uplifting head high and a mild couch-lock. Will definitely have to make the trip to HWC more often :3”

  • “it's some 5 star smoke if grown right”

  • “I'm adding Rolls Choice to my list of favorites because it is the most effective strain for abdominal pain I've ever tried. Relief is immediate and dramatic. Although it's a Sativa-dominant hybrid I find Roc gives me a body high and to me, it feels more like an Indica. The high is potent, long-lasting.”

  • “I purchased this strain from High Desert Healing. I am overall very pleased. It is definitely saliva dominant, smokes well and gives me the munchies. It tastes really good. Recommended for people with high tolerances.”

  • “one of the best i have ever smoked mine was at a whopping 26% and i got it free for my bday shout out to purple med in tucson !# tasted like god would choose this strain great for wake n bake or afternoon smoke a joint at night and itll put your lights out to great satrain! tasted like first time i tasted GOOD sour d im in love”