Satori Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Last year I bought some Satori from canadaflag and I fell in love with this strain. I remember reading High Times and it said that Satori is a strain that brings on feelings of bliss. It really does this. The high is clear, powerful, and blissful. I feel energetic. I feel like I have to start 10 tasks at the same time. I love Satori. Mandal Seeds really nailed this!”

  • “Possibly my favorite strain ever. I smoked it about a month ago but if i can remember, it pretty much disables you mentally. I remember my friend an I went to target after smoking this (cant recommend driving high off this stuff), we barely made it through because every 5 seconds we would burst out laughing for no reason. Great high, long lasting, somewhat clearheaded and very uplifting, PERFECT for a sativa fan it h...”

  • “I grew 10 seeds 9 popped 7 were female 1 inside 6 outside this strain seems a little unstable I had one only grow 2 feet tall only had about 10 grams one was over 7 feet tall full of Trichromes with a Hugh yield couple pounds the others were about 5 to 6 feet but didn't look or taste as good as the taller one with much smaller buds and they smells almost like a skunk pooped in a baby diaper but has a Fruit Jell...”

  • “epiphany weed. makes you realize things in crazy way! good for a before work blaze”

  • “I don't understand what a previous reviewer stated about this causing limp d*ck. For me, what makes Satori so special to remember is the feeling of oneness with everything. Satori brought a unique flavor to the pipe, burned well but a little gooey from the resin, was easy to gauge when you had enough, and might I add... could create a lover out of a spent napkin! This weed will go down in the history of weeds that...”

  • “Been growing Mandalas' Satori for about three years now. Overall excellent growth(slow to bolt). Packs major size last half of flower. Low strength nutrient is all she wants(saves your pocket). So oily at the end of cycle - looks like diamonds reflecting. *As for the smoke: if you can finish a bowl of this yourself - bravo. It's CLEARLY cerebral - felt from the shoulders up. Take caution if you find some grown prope...”

  • “I picked up a quad worth not too long ago, and all I can say is that this is by far one of the best strains I have ever smoked. Smoked it out of a double-chamber bubbler, and after one hit, I was high. It has a very distinct and clean taste to it. When picked up fresh, it will be abnormally fluffy and smell delicious. I cannot think of anything negative with this strain other than you get red eyes and sometimes reall...”

  • “Makes you want to enjoy both worlds of being lazy and being active. Herbal taste.”