Secret Recipe Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is some magic here. "shoots me like a rocket into space...loving every minute of it." Comes on hard like sour pebbles strain, or a Tyson punch. Feeling really good, but see how too much magic would curse some peeps. I wouldn't do back to back bowels, unless I was looking to get 2-d animated.”

  • “If you like Sour Diesel, and long clean highs you should try to get into some of this. Potent, and pretty tasty. It is a bud that can roll with whatever your choice of activity is. Though it would be a shame to doze off o this one.”

  • “I enjoyed smoking Secret Recipe in my bong last summer, but never got around to writing a review. So a few days ago, I picked up an 8th at my favorite shop to give it another go. After one bowl, my anxiety was through the roof, and I got into an argument with my loved ones. The issue of the argument wasn't my fault, but my anxious state didn't help matters. I gave it another try on another day and was able to en...”

  • “i really like the sample i got from cannabis and glass. taste its sweet and skunky and i would prefer this to sour d any day because its smoooth and no heavy eyes. great taste and effect”

  • “Don't know how anyone couldn't like this bud. Its got so many different flavors and strains and its super sticky. Sometimes different bowls and hits taste different. Smoke more than 1 gram and you'll be feeling it.”

  • “I don't understand the negative reviews. THC was 27 point something%! CBD 0.3%. Nice body buzz and euphoric cerebral high, very introspective, a great balance you would expect from a hybrid. The high THC % was noticeable. Great genetics like Chemdawg and OG Kush”

  • “This is a awesome strain of MJ it is high in THC and high in Cabbies, smooth to smoke, good hearty flower, smells great, no bad after taste, I fell in love.”

  • “I found it to be a very slight body high without any heady effects what so ever... I figured out the secret... It's not as great as you might think given the name and mystery behind it”