Silver Bubble Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Picked this up in Dam and was in the top 3 smokes of the weekend. Really enjoyable happy, mellowing stone. Looks great (tight, dark nugs) smells great and doesn't empty the wallet like some strains out there. Awesome. Definitely a go to strain.”

  • “Really sweet sleepy high considering it has haze and northern lights in there, though this is some of the next gen of haze reminded me of bubblegum were most haze reminds me of lemon/lime. Definitely recommend this to regular smokers.”

  • “Nice High. Gives a good medical and gives you the oppertunity to smake all night long and still wake up fresh!”

  • “Silver bubble is a strain that will mark you for life. From the sweet smell, to the powerful uplifting buzz, this strain will quickly become a staple in your medicine cabinet. Smoking a silver bubble joint Is akin to being strapped into a satin saddle attached to a rocket ship. Also, the concept of time goes the way of the dodo bird. Enjoy responsibly.”

  • “I know what most people think about the less expensive buds available. However I've found Silver Bubble to be an excellent and uplifting high. You can relax as it takes your mind on a fun creative high.”

  • “Smells like Starburst, really strong high overall amazing strain :)”

  • “Perfect one to chill and have fun with the buddies.. Looking forward to smoking it again”

  • “mixed high”