Skunkberry Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is one of my favorite hybrids. The blueberry attributes are very prevalent, Skunkberry has a great relaxing feeling and definitely helps with any pain you may have, and it does not make you feel too sleepy. It's a great after workout smoke. I really enjoy smoking this at the end of the day as a precursor to smoking before bed. It has an amazing body and head high. Kinda like being bathed solar radiation.”

  • “The smell of Skunk Berry is wonderfully berryful. I myself am a pretty big fan of Blueberry, make this strain already interesting to me. When I got my batch of Skunk Berry I did notice that it did seem like a rather plain strain & had no real extraordinary appeal to the look of it, however the smell conquers the stoners nose with an overwhelming berry aroma. It's berry nice. The high is very mellow and happy going. ...”

  • “I really enjoyed this super mellow, deliciously smelly strain. You can really smell the skunk and the blueberry, and the taste of the smoke is pure blue cheese. The effects are not horribly strong but still quite enjoyable. I think this would be a good strain for a mellow outdoor activity, like a picnic in the mountains or something equally lazy.”

  • “Kind Love Dispensary in Denver had some amazing Skunkberry. Best tasting strain I've ever tried for our generation, I'm 23 and I've been timing about 8 years now to whom it may concern, and this tops over blueberry alone, lemon, mango, all of it, it's a sweet berry taste with beautiful average to small size crystal covered buds, Whenever and where ever the time you'd crack your top, you're bound to see a cartoon skun...”

  • “Was very uhh you know ahhh shit u know im jhi like yea moe and i just wanna say yea doe but stop playin wit me before i have to do that to you yea moe”

  • “So GOOD! definitely enjoyed this strain. The aroma was amazing and definitely made me relax.”

  • “This review is on Skunkberry sugar wax by Craft. C.O. The terp profile on this strain is beautiful. It's rare that wax has this strong of an odor, but fresh blueberry and you guessed it skunk fills the room when it's left opened. What really threw me off about this strain was I expected a much stronger emphasis on the sativa genetics while this strain was very much indica dominant. 2/3 times dabbing this it flat...”

  • “This strain has a mild euphoria accompanied by a head high that slowly gathers intensity and evens out as you continue to smoke. It's is not harsh on the lungs and although the body high isn't intense it will gradually creeps up on you, you'll feel your chest as if it were lighter and your muscles throughout your legs loosen and stretch out comfortably. With little to know paranoia this strain would be good for exerc...”