Sour Headband Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I smoked this strain an my headache was gone. The headband strains are the best for migraine and headache relief. My head feels clear and like empty”

  • “I love this strain's body high.”

  • “Excellent. A true sativa that will keep you functional to get through your workday. Strong head high and elevated my mood tremendously! A winner here; I absolutely concur with the other reviewers who've said "omg" and "shyte's right"!”

  • “Love this strain! Best of both my favorites, Sour Diesel and Headband, combined into one gorgeously dank package. Gives you a fantastic relaxing, but still alert and energetic high. Have a headache, this will knock it right out.”

  • “luv it got a QP from my Bro shyt ryte”

  • “although I usually don't like sativa's, this one really just calmed me down and cleared my head.”

  • “I love Sour Diesel and Headband.. The fact they crossed these two strains provides a phenomenal head high with awesome euphoria and upliftedness.. If that's a word lol. But has a nice mellow body high too. Definitely is something to have day or night. Just smoked a blow right now and I feel fucking great!”