Sour Jilly Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great daytime strain for chronic pain, ADHD and anxiety. It literally melts away tension and sour moods and leaves you giggling and up for any sort of adventure. I have fibromyalgia and I seek out this strain specifically for both its mental and physical effects.”

  • “I smoke anywhere from 5-15 bowls a day and have a pretty high tolerance. One toke in the AM and I am sent on a trip of happy, uplifted and giggly. I could not stop smiling and even laughing. I am also able to stay alert and focus during school with this strand. One bowl lasts 3 solid hours with waves on euphoria!”

  • “One of my favorites for getting friendly!”

  • “Tastes sweet and tropical, reminiscent of the Fruity Pebbles strain, little unfocused and very relaxed. Doesn't make you sleepy but can help ease you into a nice sleep if you're tired. Grabbed a 500mg GoldDrop cartridge from Cookies SF, after a few hits I feel like I'm resting on a nice cloud of relaxation. At 66% THC content, this cartridge is not for the novice consumer unless small quantities are taken at a time...”

  • “Love this strain from incredible extracts shatter one of the best strains out there!!”

  • “Tried this strain and there wasn't much info on it but I am so happy I got it!!!! Sour Jilly is so Pungent and Fruity & Diesel too. 1st The look is great, nice fluffy buds with plenty of trichromes. 2nd the taste is UNBELIEVABLE!!! Has a Sour Diesel Pungent Skunk Taste But Very Fruity at the same time. Last the effects are great. Love for the daytime use very energetic & uplifting. Very relaxing and melts my Ptsd,oc...”

  • “It's my favorite so far. My neck jerks violently from my tbi and this is a strain that does away with it almost completely. To the point no one notices. It keeps me stimulated at school, makes me far more sociable. It takes care of my ptsd as well, I never have a rage episode while medicated with this. It's great on my nerve pain and my elbow which the tendon is calcified. I would love to start growing this one for m...”

  • “Great taste smell and effect”