Sour Lemon OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Smoked this with my Nana and great Uncle Pete while on winter vacation. Very nice stuff. Got me high pretty quickly and I didn't really feel any negatives. 8/10 would recommend. Good with helping aches and pains and soreness. Made me forget how much my back hurt from sleeping on an air mattress. It also helps lower my stress level from seeing family I don't normally see and actually talking with them.”

  • “Oh. My. God. Got a half O from a friend and I rolled up three proper fatties, and in the fattest of the 3, I put probably about half a gram of kief from the last 3 months I've saved up. Gotta tell ya, this is some quality shit. Great strain, heaviness in back of eyes, euphoric body and head high. Taking me a while to type this. My ribs feel warm and fuzzy.”

  • “This is an aromatic blend that has notes of cedar, lemon and apple ... a really wonderful taste through my Davinci Ascent (typically use a Volcano but the Ascent is easy and portable). The vapor at 350 degrees is hardly discernable ... but don't be fooled, the high rises quickly and for me, a small dose (half-filled Ascent chamber and 3-4 draws) is just perfect. The high is super quick and very mellow. The ta...”

  • “Sour Lemon OG is one of my favorite og's. The smell is very strong. The smoke is a big hitter that hits the head real quick. With the onset of the body high immediately a creative buzz unites for a lingering experience that won't disappoint.”

  • Ac1

    “Taste like candy and it is very smooth”

  • “Amazing high. THE Best strain I've ever smoked. Hits hard though.”

  • “This is one of the best flower i ever had before, perfect smell, super sweet, u can smell and taste the lemon out of it, the high is perfect, go from a brain high to a total body high in seconds, u can feel the hit really quit, i found this strain perfect for my Sciatica pain, stress and for stay relaxed.”

  • “Pretty good strain, very pungent sweet smell. It got me pretty high and I could operate everyday activities normally with a couple giggles here and there. some paranoia but nothing to worry about.”