Sour OG Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “This is a wonderful medicine for anxiety. Sour OG hits instantly and provides an extremely social, positive uplifting high. It's one of my favorite medicines for anxiety relief, stress relief and is great for social gatherings. The best thing I can say about Sour Og is that it gives me hope. Suffering debilitating panic attacks for years I know what a living hell anxiety can be. I don't like the doctor prescribed med...”

  • “It's the door to fucking Narnia. Imagine your mind is like the wardrobe. You take a look inside and can see the various outfits that you normally have. But then, you notice something right behind your normal stuff. What is it? A door? You open it up. A light breeze rushes over you. You step in, wondering where this will take you. As you move farther and farther, a light begins to appear. You step into the light and B...”

  • “I'm here to talk about Super Sour OG! This stuff is an amazing half and half that definitely puts you where you want to be. Leafly doesn't have it yet so I'm posting it here for hopes everyone trys it. It's so super potent it's crazy, it's a cross of Blueberry x Sour Diesel x OG Kush) x Lost Coast OG!!!! Jesus if you see this get it immediately! You will not be let down whatsoever!”

  • “it sounds funny when i read it aloud, but i was fortunate enough to come across this about twelve hours before a mad man road raged right into me at 70mph and after checking in with several other animate/inanimate objects of either mostly concrete or mostly steel, i finished my knievei-like stunt show by sliding under an 18 wheeler's trailer, losing my prelude's roof, and somehow exited said trailer and ending up wit...”

  • “The perfect marriage of two amazing strains (Sour Diesel and OG Kush). This is one of the better strains I've seen at fighting off depression, especially sudden bouts of severe depression. If you are experiencing a flare up (homesickness, relationship breakdowns, financial meltdowns, etc.), or if you are in the agonizing limbo of adjusting to or getting off of SSRI's, this medicine has the potential to make the short...”

  • “Read the reviews, decided to try it. Bud tender said it was one of her faves too, so that just made the decision that much easier. Medicated with it twice today, nice euphoic buzz, no lazy/sleepy effects whatsoever, just nice and relaxed but focused and alert. No burnout!!! Hell, I even met with the accountant after first dose. If you're considering Sour O.g., do yourself a favor and get it. Toke on!!”

  • “Sour OG is a quality strain that does exactly what it's made for: de-stressing. I was happy, giggly, sociable, fun, and just enjoyed life to a much greater extent. It does not make my heart beat scarily fast like another kind I had. It kept me high for over three and a half hours and was a smooth ride. I'm going to keep buying this type.”

  • “Smoked a decent bowl of SOg to relax and smoke my hookah, Currently at a nice buzz. Pretty decent body high, with a good head buzz too. Not over powering, and able to think somewhat clearly. I suffer from bad anxiety, and have 0 feelings of panic or anxiety, so I'd reccomend this strain for people who are new to medicating. DONT SMOKE TOO MUCH. You wont be able to move.”