Strawberry Banana Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “First impression was, "wow, this really smells like banana." As soon as my budtender came out with the jar, i could just smell the sweetness.. And the flavor is just as great. Very mellow smoke, nice banana taste. The flower i got was 24.6% THC and i gotta say, i was impressed by the effects. Nice mellow affects that lasted me all morning, very nice way to start your mornings. However, i missed that giggly and happy ...”

  • “This strain is labeled Strawberry Banana OG and is reported to be a Banana Kush/Bubblegum cross. This is a true hybrid as I noticed both Indica and Sativa properties. The flowers are a light yellow/green mixed with medium green and light brown hairs. to me, it looks a lot like Pineapple Express. This sample from River City in PDX is sticky with resin and the smell is fantastic. Probably the sweetest and most reminisc...”

  • “This strain is perfect for relaxed days away from work. If my shoulders were more relaxed, they'd be on the ground. This is listed as a Sativa Hybrid at the CBCB in Berkeley, but it is most definitely an indica dominant hybrid. The scrolling marquee of thoughts completely stops with this one. It is not a strain that will send you into existential mind webs. It just makes you stop thinking altogether. For the creative...”

  • “Classic "stoner's high." If a movie is on the agenda this is a good choice.”

  • “Nugs: Light green and really sweet smelling. Smells like heaven. Effects: Great head high, fast acting and smooth to smoke. It had no discernible smell after smoking, maybe a hint of fruity. Feeling creative and happy. It's great to smoke and then study and do chores. Makes music sound so much better and enhances your senses. My new fave. strain.”

  • “i had strawberry and bannana kush in Amsterdam high times coffee shop this year and can most definetly say it is thé best tasting strain around right now it tastes and smells like no other strain Ive ever came across, although it didnt get me high it was purely just great tasting”

  • “Have this by The Clear Concentrate and the taste is immense, the high perfect...nice heady high without being too stoney and relaxed body with tingling feet. Feel chilled yet I could get up & go too! If I wanted..haha. Would get again 100%.”

  • “Great indica hybrid (70/30) that delivers an uplifted energetic high followed by a calming effect in the body that really chills you out. Watch out for the munchies with this strain. New strain for me and I'm glad I discovered it. The smell and taste are fantastic!”