Sugar Punch Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Smoked it, vaped it, and ate it. Great all around.”

  • “I grew this strain in soil under a 400W HPS with General Organics nutrients. The yield of this strain is immense and the smell is out of this world; It has floral notes that intermingle with an intense fruitiness of grapefruit and other flavors in the citrus family. When ground up, it exudes the same terpines, but at a much higher intensity. Oddly enough, when I crack open the bottle of ground up herb, I smell mor...”

  • “This strain left me clear headed and energized. It has all of the traits of a Sativa in spades. Great strain for daytime use or work.”

  • “Best stuff i ever tasted! Got it from The Stud in Amsterdam. Rate 5/7 everyday mate”

  • “Interestingly delicious; however, it left me with quite the headache. Take acetaminophen thirty minutes prior to indulgence & prepare yourself for an above-average high and elevated secretion of ghrelin (the neurotransmitter responsible for simulating hunger).”

  • “Amazing Strain!”

  • “Great for a night in by yourself. Nice dreamy effect, especially with some slow or sad music; makes you feel melancholic though. Headache comes when the high wears off. Moderate munchies. Body high is pretty heavy when vaped, and you can just fell yourself sinking in the bed when you lie down. Doesn't leave a nasty taste in your mouth. I love this strain!”

  • “Amazing!!”