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Sugar Punch Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I grew this strain in soil under a 400W HPS with General Organics nutrients. The yield of this strain is immense and the smell is out of this world; It has floral notes that intermingle with an intense fruitiness of grapefruit and other flavors in the citrus family. When ground up, it exudes the same terpines, but at a much higher intensity. Oddly enough, when I crack open the bottle of ground up herb, I smell mor...”

  • “Smoked it, vaped it, and ate it. Great all around.”

  • “One of my all-time favourites, if not my No. 1. This strain gives you a creative and energetic high which lasts long and is perfect as a day-time smoke. BUT! The taste is outstanding! A mix of different berries and much much much sweetness! Cant stop smoking cause you don't want the flavour to fade haha. Just great!”

  • “Best stuff i ever tasted! Got it from The Stud in Amsterdam. Rate 5/7 everyday mate”

  • “This strain left me clear headed and energized. It has all of the traits of a Sativa in spades. Great strain for daytime use or work.”

  • “this was one of the tastiest buds I smoked”

  • “Amazing!!”

  • “Interestingly delicious; however, it left me with quite the headache. Take acetaminophen thirty minutes prior to indulgence & prepare yourself for an above-average high and elevated secretion of ghrelin (the neurotransmitter responsible for simulating hunger).”