Sunset Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Gives you an almost instant body high that is outstanding. Nullifies pain better that Vicodin. The head high comes on slow, after 5 min or so you are completely engulfed in one of the BEST highs you'll ever experience. Superb, superb herb!”

  • “Hungry. oh so hungry. Once satiated. I was good to go for the rest of the night. three long draws on my pax and I was on my way. social. uplifting. didn't collapse on a couch. would vape again.”

  • “very intense body high. everything was numb and tingly and time was moving sooooooo slow. smoked a Q of this strain in my life and out of the 100s of other strains I've tried this would definitely be top 3”

  • “This strain made me more analytic and I was able to still stay social throughout the high, definitely a pick me up. A solid strong high, but it's a shame how the quality ended up. With the batch I tried, it wasn't flushed out properly so it burned quite harsh. It has a huge potential but it wasn't taken care of properly therefore it caused the effects to dim down and become muddy. Hopefully one day I can try it witho...”

  • “Tastes like pooh, but the high is nice and energized without aniexty.”

  • “Love it! Vaped some of this before a dance class and was kiilllin it! So much energy and creativity came with me into that class”

  • “I felt like the citrus flavors were overpowered by the flowery RMB. The taste came off a bit to perfumey for me, but the stone was nice and mellow.”