Super Blue Dream Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “1 bowl of this between me and my friend had me saying why am i this high considering i am a very heavy smoker. Nice high not tired”

  • “Experienced Super BD for the first time in vape cartridge form. Blue Dream is one of my favorite strains of flower, so I knew I would like this combo. Smooth head high after two hits. Felt very euphoric and happy. The urge to dance & get housework done came over me.. a very positive feeling. This is a good strain for daytime & getting shit done.”

  • “Got mine down in LA on my way to a concert. I got 4 grams and asked for the best they got and they gave me this. I wouldn't say it's my funnest strain but in the category of balance this is number 1. I've smoked a lot of top shelf strains and this is probably my favorite for interaction and here's why. No negative side effects, it's the first one without any paranoia, cotton mouth, dry eyes ect. You smoke it and...”

  • “Super Silver Haze x Blueberry genetics. I felt happy and mellow at the same time. Very clear-headed high all the way through. Has the same sweet taste of blue dream with increased potency.”

  • “Great for any mental disorder! It is happy in smoke form. The sativa brings a nice head high with added focus, content, and entertainment, while the indica brings a nice mellowing body high and tingle. Great for ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, and Bipolar. Gives you the positive benefits of the medication without adding too much extra anxiety, paranoia, or dysfunction. Good for individuals who need or prefer to be med...”

  • “👻🍎 Super Blue Dream (House of Herbs) is a fun take on the legendary Blue Dream. Smelling and tasting very similar to Blue Dream, this sativa dominant hybrid strain delivers a strong head high. Good for energy and getting things done. I don't like this as much as regular Blue Dream but it is still decent. Good for beginners. a-Humulene: 1.091 mg/g, a-Pinene: 3.406 mg/g, a-Terpinolene: 0.021 mg/g, b-Caryophyllene: 2...”

  • “awwwwww.....GOODGAWDD!!! If you love the original this one is like it's super charged sista' strain! Long lasting body and head buzz. I feel very uplifted & groovy and I can still enjoy my day without passing out from the effects! F'n awesome strain for a nice sunny So Cal day. Peace out. ;)”

  • “Some Dank Dank!!! The smell is powerful and hypnotized me within the first whiff! Taste is Beautiful! Reminds me of Frankincense the smell once burned. Took a rip off my HVY Glass long barrel bong and I'm higher than Giraffe Nutts! I'm in a super calm state, energized, focused, creative and relaxed with all pain just about gone. This Strain must Have! Will Toke Again!”