Tangerine Power Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Tangi power bud structure has a very full look through it the trim is perfect has a Christmas tree all leaves and branches pointing upwards to a crescendo of orange and green twirling leaves at the very top. The toke of the strain is very smooth and provides me with a lot of relaxing comfort but soon slowly starts to build into a very nice happy creeper I would suggest that this is more for a daytime and not recomme...”

  • “Absolutely a must try for anyone. Smoking is not harsh and the taste is bar none. Personally, has to be top 3 on my list due to the fact that it takes away chronic back pain and those awful back spasms. I also noticed it helps with depression by giving you instant cerebral euphoria, followed by a full body tingly sensation that lasts me for a good few hours in the evening. Don't get it twisted though, this strain can...”

  • “Tastes really good, like fresh oranges. More of a stable, focused, type of high. Definitely would recommend this for people looking for stress relief.”

  • “Update on this tangerine power rosin. It's the perfect high. The hit was smooth on both the inhale and exhale. So I guess that makes what, both the hales I guess. The flavor tasted like sugar cookies to me. It instantly relaxes me, melts away anxiety and muscle pain, super happy, chill, and totally high for at least 2 hours per fat rip.”

  • “This is a review for Tangie Power Live Honeycomb by : CannaVative THC total : 74.93 % CBD total : 0.87 A very NICE combination here folks ....😄👌🏼🔥 A few dabs of this is a Great way to start Any day 😉☀️🚀⛽️🔥 This will definitely put a big smile 😃 on your face ! The taste is not over powering - pleasant citrus flavor ! Perfect combo of BODY and MIND relaxation. Pairs nicely with a few tokes of The Thir...”

  • “This particular strain was produced by BaM The specifics are : THCA: 20.6 % Alpha Pinene 0.7 % Beta Caryophylene : 0.18 % Beta Pinene : 1.33 % Alpha Humulene 0.17 % Alpha Terpinolene 5.34% Beta Myrcene : 2.16 % CBD CBN CBDA N/T To begin with got 4 - 1 gram pkgs. as the dispensary was out of 1/8 ths . It was tiny little nugs - they are nice, but DAF - dry as F#ck !! For being so damn dry it hits fairly decent-...”

  • “Looks & Aroma: Buds were decent size, dense with just the right amount of cure, not too dry, not too moist. The citrus smell hits you first, then a light floral and earthy undertone. Breaking Up: Broke up really nice, with just about the perfect blend of mini nugs and powdery shake to roll a fat cone, joint or blunt, or to pack a fat bowl to go around more than twice in a room full of people. Usage : We used a bowl ...”

  • “I've tried this in pre-roll and flower. Both were good. Citrus hits you as soon as you open it. Flowers are dense, bright, a little sticky. Very calming head high. I hv MS & some other health issues like Anxiety & PTSD and I'm feeling great. Anytime high.”