Tangie Dream Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I'm a sucker for those citrus strains! But this one... it is a perfect day time flower. Flows from focused to creative and back again! It's smells like the sweetest tangerine, but smoke earthy and smooth! I will definitely be grabbing more of this awesome strain!”

  • “I so enjoyed the fruity/sweet citrus twang! Both smell and taste alike are pure Tangie Dream. Dosed via Co2 vape... gave bursts of energetic exploration immediately and led me down it's path of intoxication. But it definitely has "a tendency to render one contemplating life". Good pain reliever Mood enhancer 5star taste and buzz Memorable!”

  • “I'm in love with this one! It smell amazing something Like a orange dreamiscle. It gives a head high that flows through your body in waves. This weed is for creativity gets brain flowing with ideas. It definitely made it to my top 10! Very euphoric, lifting”

  • “So happy I found some tiger stripe seeds in a batch”

  • “I was looking for a day smoke strain that wouldn't end in burnout, picked me up but still hit the head hard enough to keep a seasoned stoner, well "stoned". I am working on an incredibly uplifted high, well past an hour after smoking a Buddy Boy pre-roll, I got at Mr Bill's in Buckley. The heady is nice, not forgetful and confused, but inspired and alert with a dreamy haze. The numbers show 30%, which is impressiv...”

  • “3.8/5 Really nice for just being around the house and getting things done, nice for traveling. Sometimes gives you the munchies too much so, but overall a nice de-stressed.”

  • “As a die hard sativa lover I've gotta say while I absolutely love the creative effects and delicious taste, it makes me a bit more lethargic than I'd like. I'd use it for a night strain but stimulates the appetite and going to bed hungry or full of munchies is never fun. All that being said, I suffer from PTSD and on the nights where the depression and insomnia consume me, I reach right for the Tangie Dream.”