The Grunk Reviews

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Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Lovely oh lovely Grunk smoke that harrowing my scrung. Dreams that never end. It looks like tomatoes and dough, strain long, grapes apes, snapes cloud killer mom. Pungent ass Dark ass grape ass delicious... tasty nightmare high dream ass Yeah so it was alright I guess.”

  • “Holy crap you guys, if you were looking for a top shelf strain, this is it! Phat Panda did a phenomenal job with the Grunk. It's definitely stuff stoners like.”

  • “Overall great strain. The high starts in the head and works its way through your body. Mostly a head high for me. The buds are very light colored with some slight dark spots trying to peak through the mass amount of kief. The smell is fantastic, very sweet berry citrus smell with a little bit of skunk. Burns smooth with a great sweet flavor.”

  • “Please Leafly, splain dis to me!! You describe Grunk as relieving anxiety yet when I look at the negatives, it falls high on the scale of anxiousness and paranoia.”

  • “A nice relaxing strain with a full sweet flavor. Very smooth, not harsh at all. Very calming and relieves stress. Like a mini vacation. I can smoke it and still get some "chores" done. And also smoke it and watch an old movie. I am really enjoying my first experience with "Grunk". Versatile and stoney. Gives me stoner eyes for sure. :) Gonna tuck Grunk into my TOP 5.”

  • “This has to be my new favorite strain by a long shot. Perfect two strains to cross in my opinion. The smell, looks, taste, and euphoric high all get 5/5. I encourage anyone that comes across this to pick some up for sure.”

  • “This is one of the best strains I've smoked in years. I have forty years of smoking under my belt, and its a rare smoke that hits me hard on the first toke like this does. Definitely try this one if you are a cannabis veteran like me and find yourself wishing you could get as baked as you used to get way back when.”

  • “The Original Grunk can be viewed in the Cannabible #2. It's a Florida strain, a cross of a very SATIVA heavy Grape and a Skunk #1, not Grape Ape The buzz is extremely racy, puts Green Crack to shame.. I have heard there was another version out there and now it is confirmed.”