The One Reviews

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  • “The One: 1976 Highland Thai x 1971 Kandahar Afghani F1, cut is from 1984. Powerfully balanced Landrace Hybrid, apparently hard to come by but it made it's way down to sunny San Diego, CA. All Natural, All Organic, Cultivated with no bottled nutrients, Flowered 12 weeks.”

  • “Interesting mental high, classic indica couch lock. With this one I would recommend some trippy music and just wind down while your mind wanders.”

  • “Zen Euphoria ends in a great body high for a good night sleep. The One is my favorite strain to date, to unwind. No matter how long or hectic my day has been a couple hits sends me into happy relaxation, to enjoy conversation, read, etc., and then nod off to sleep without aches and pains.”

  • “The most unique smelling canna I've ever smelled. More potent than any fad strain with unique landrace pedigree. It hasn't been watered down with generations of hybridizing and Dutch genetics. It's truly an heirloom, frozen in time clone only.”

  • “Such a smooth high that it feels so natural. Super uplifting and creativity inducing effects. I'd burn it on a gloomy day.”

  • “loving it”

  • “Okay yeah hit this too much in the beginning you will not get it again... but, let it mellow within you and all is ok. Use it sparingly unless you are hardcore cuz it's some good sh** but can't give it 5. Body high might mess with you combined with the mind high. If you're new to smoking, try starting with something else... Just sayin'. But a good smoke and true to it's Leafly stasis... the leaf never lies.”

  • “Love it. Delicious taste, strong smell. High as the guy who made Mario.”