Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I try different marijuana strains for a living, and let me just say, that this is by far the most, creative, relaxed, body melt with a pinch of Durban poison to give you that kick of sativa. Definitely recommend trying this out!!”

  • “got the ogkb cut of this, completely covered in trichromes, looked like it was frozen!!! super duper, grade A+ smoke. had me high as a giraffes ass!”

  • “loved it. would recommend it”

  • “This one right here. Powerful Euphoria! And I'm no novice smoker. I had such a sudden rush of self esteem. Life is beautiful despite it all. Sounds music so intensely surrounding me. Grocery Shopping is enchanting. I mean what I'm trying to say is the shit got me Higggh.”

  • “Throughout the last two weeks in which I've had these 4g of Thin Mint, I can say with certainty that this is exactly the strain you want to be smoking if you're looking for some energy throughout your high; it's exceptional for daytime smoking. Thin Mint not only keeps you focused but helps to reduce stress, keeping you up all throughout without any burn out at the end in which you feel tired and drained. For a lig...”

  • “Lovely smell and flavor. Definitely not for novice smokers, the cut I got was tested at 23.7% thc. I'm a moderate smoker, two vape bags of this and I'm on my ear. Heady high works well to distract from pain but it also put my mind into distracting overdrive.”

  • “I suffer from chronic pain from my neck to my tailbone as well as 2 reconstructive ankles, left knee replacement, and Combat PTSD, Kuwait/Iraq/Somalia War conflicts. This Hybrid works perfect for me in that it eases my chronic pain, muscle spasms, and mentally really puts me in a happy-go-lucky feeling. My insomnia is definitely gone and my appetite has stayed pretty steady in that I'm eating more on a regular basis....”

  • “this was a goood strain i can say i know why so many people are falling in love with this strain dense heavy nugs amazing aroma and long lasting effects”