Trainwreck Reviews

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  • “Chugga-chugga-choo-chooAWFUCK! ho-LY shit -- it's a TRAINWRECK! You'd think a strain named Trainwreck would leave your broken body sprawled out by the tracks while confused NTSB investigators poked at your corpse, but not this stuff: this Trainwreck wants to kill you with kindness. And it is SO kind. We're talking Uncle John's Band kind. From the first limey hit, Trainwreck wraps its arms around you like your old Nan...”

  • “I am 41, and someone who smokes regularly (several times a day) & this is my favorite flower. It TRULY helps w/ chronic pain, & helps your mentality. I have a rare disease that makes me hafta take lots o meds (Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Diladid, & various muscle relaxers) & am confined (when I go out) to a wheel chair. This stuff not only is a great, "break-through" pain reliever, when all my pain meds fail me, but also h...”

  • “Trainwreck welcomed me back to the world of marijuana! I had "party smoked" junior high school through college until the mid-90's when I graduated and got jobs that randomly drug tested....government jobs...I am watching you. LOL. Just local small town Planning and Community Development jobs. Up to the point I quit smoking for employment reasons, I smoked whatever came to me. Sometimes good, sometimes bleck. Never bo...”

  • “A friend and I smoked this recently and I can say that it's been one of my greatest highs to date. It burns quickly and well compared to most, and got us feeling good within a small amount of time. This strain made me feel very euphoric; everything felt great and there was a considerable distortion of time with this one. Though the high lasts a long time, it wore down after awhile and I became sleepy quite quickly. R...”

  • “This strain is great. I'm 10 puffs in and I'm already feeling it. I love this strain because it's a great alternative if you have ADD /ADHD and you take Adderall or any other stimulant for that you should try this. I've been taking adderall since I was in2nd grade (I'm in college btw) and this is much nicer than taking a stimulant. Work and class fly by and This strain makes me very calm and collective. This is just ...”

  • “With a taste almost like dusty pine needles and aromatics reminiscent of a skunk den in an old pine stump, the Trainwreck high comes like a thief in the night and hits like a sledgehammer to the head. I felt my face getting intoxicated mere seconds after my first hit and I've got a wonderful sativa-y headspace minutes after my smoke session. This strain absolutely cuts down depression and stress while providing the e...”

  • “A magical marriage of sativa-social, indigo-indaca BLISS...Happy Laugh Be Silly Munch Giggle Forget Nap WakeBake, Begin again...Good everyday Pain and Stress relief...funtional stoniness blasts ptsd, allowing for choice of thought (self-empowerment)...Now is How!...stand Up for your rights, Jah!...✌😍”

  • “Trainwreck has almost mythical genetic origins, and a few different accounts of where & when the strain was first bred. In recent years this previously "clone-only" strain was purchased by Greenhouse Seeds, and provided in seed form on the open market globally. Many people argue that the "real" strain, which supposedly originated in Arcata, California, is not what you get when you buy it from a seed company, and is...”