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Trident is a hybrid strain that is notable for its extremely high CBD content of 12%. As a result, it’s an excellent strain for managing pain or dealing with symptoms while remaining mentally focused. Trident’s low THC levels (usually under 6%) don’t mean you won’t feel any sort of cerebral effects, but they tend to be mild and unobtrusive. These sticky flowers have a pleasant sweet and sour aroma.

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Strain Attributes

Muscle Spasms


  • 1. Pungent
  • 2. Earthy
  • 3. Woody

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“Trident is a sativa-indica hybrid with an extraordinary concentration of CBD (12%) and quite low THC (6%); as such, it's useful if you need the medical relief provided by CBD but don't want to feel high. It has a unique taste and small, and was as sticky as anything I've ever touched! I used it for two purposes: (1) migraines and nausea, and (2) letting someone who reacts to marijuana with paranoia and anxiety ...”

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“I have epilepsy so I smoked a little snap out of my pipe and I didn't have to worry about having seizures for a while:) however if anyone reading this also has epilepsy and falls to cannabis as a treatment please take note that I had seizures a few hours after my snap, but then again I'm not sure what a dosage is I smoked more and they stopped but this strain is definitely suitable for epilepsy just smoke more so you...”


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