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Trident Reviews - Page 2

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Having over 8 different strains at home, this is the one that gets me the most excited after work. It has thick, sticky buds with a light green / golden texture, and has a perfectly fresh and earthy scent. The effects of this strain are relaxation, comfort, and satisfaction. I feel creative and calm, say goodbye to stress, and still feel clear minded with reduced aches and pains. This strain is hard to come by, but...”

  • “Pretty good day time maybe for a weekend morning for me. Pretty relaxing and good for pain but i found it doesn't last for long still a good medical strain in my opinion. Very easy to grow and easy to get to yeld well. I would recommend it as a first grow for sure!”

  • “Bingo, I just found my savior. :). This is a great choice for low head buzz but great body pain and inflammation control. Yay!”

  • “Incredible strain for body pain, inflammation, and mild appetite stimulation without an overly strong head high. Great medicine!”

  • “This is for what the label calls a 2:1 CBD/THC. It doesn't say what percentage of each. Having been using Harlequin for a while, I find that this Trident relaxes me as much without getting me in the least bit jittery. I was able to go through a full bowl and felt good the entire time. If anyone knows where I can find this strain in Flower, let me know and definitely try it!”

  • “Fantastic CBD strain, sticky flowers and relatively easy to grow. My go to CBD.”

  • “I don't like to feel foggy, so this was a great strain for me. I walked all day with no pain, I talked to all sorts of people with no anxiety and I had a general feeling of happiness and slight euphoria. This is perfect for beginners, or if you want to stay focused and happy all day. 5 stars!”

  • “Wow, not sure who grew this but he deserves a handshake and a 5/5 star rating. This is by far one of the best and most potent strains that I've tried in a while.”