Tropicali Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Just a quick snap and I was off and running with the high of the Tc complimenting my activities through out the day very nicely. I feel that if I had puffed more or pulled a big tube of the Tropicali it would have been a much different experience - all good of course. I recommend this one for getting out there in the world and doing stuff.”

  • “It's awesome. It doesn't leave me couch locked and it actually does lead to arousal. My husband and I smoked it while cleaning our house and it left us in a flirty silly head space. Taste and smells great”

  • “Great smell, taste and high. Smoking this in the morning is a great way to start off the day”

  • “Tremendous smell of pineapples, really strong mind high. Mild paranoia. Difficulty interacting.”

  • “Smells like a tropical fruit basket. Taste sweet and earthy. When vaped it kind of has a perfume like flavor but it's not over powering. Leaves a huge smile on my face. I was talking up a storm too. I love strains like this. I didn't experience any paranoia or couch lock. It did relax me and made me feel very happy. I did experience minor dry eyes and cotton mouth. But other then that this strain is one of my favorit...”

  • “Bought some from Green Rush in Lynnwood WA. Very fluffy and bright green and red and dewy. Smoked a few bowls out of a homemade bong about 45 min ago and am still ripped. Felt cerebral high within a couple hits and the body high came on a little later. Gave me good relief for pain and migraines. I have been smoking this strain during the day as it doesn't completely knock me out and gives me a pleasant rush without a...”

  • “I liked that I could still think pretty clearly, even at the highest points. Awesome tingly sensation. One of my favorites!”

  • “I was too smacked to realize what I was doing half the time it was sick. If I had any pains I wouldn't know. I like it, but it's kinda makes you more quite than talkative.”