XJ-13 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “When I open the jar to smell this XJ-13 it's almost as if little angels carrying baskets of citrus fruits are swirling past me, while a single pine tree stands center of the jar filled with peppermints, all the while a clan of gnomes lay below harvesting honey from the bee hives atop the pine tree... You get the picture.”

  • “My absolute favorite strain on the planet in terms of coping with my anxiety and depression. Makes me uplifted, energetic, happy, creative, etc. Perfect for smoking with friends and for going out. I got this from my dealer before I had turned 18 and got my recommendation and now try to go to collectives that carry it so I can use it over and over again. I love this strain, it never gets old. Everyone needs to try it.”

  • “XJ is perfect for slaying your to-do list, especially when paired with some morning coffee. Anxiety-free focus with a sense of calm well-being. Soothes sore muscles without losing mental functionality. Yes. Today will be a good day.”

  • “Bought a quarter ounce of this about ten days ago, and in my experience with it, it's been pleasant, but not too strong, which was just what I needed. Big buds with very strong essences of citrus and pine, especially when freshly ground. After being in a place with only low mids available for months, this was what I got when I returned home, and it knocked me on my ass after a couple of bowls, but after repeated use,...”

  • “Great strain to put you in a happy, positive, uplifted mood. It cleared up my migraine in minutes and when I went to a party shortly after I felt outgoing and social. I've had problems with panic attacks on some strains but this was low key but awesome. No paranoid thoughts which was nice.”

  • “This strain is the bomb! The amount of euphoria felt from XJ-13 is unrivaled by any other strain that I have tried. I felt so happy and uplifted, the only negatives effects I felt were dry eyes and a dry mouth. This is a great strain to get completely and utterly stoned on, without any paranoia.”

  • “Smoked a good amount with a friend. One of the better strains I've had. Hits you okay at first, but then hits you harder later. It creeps on you. Made me feel a little focused and creative. At one point i had tingling feelings in my butt. Great for hanging out.”

  • “XJ-13 is a favorite anytime smoke. The sweet, subtle tangerine and honeyed almond milk smell and flavor keeps me coming back. The very-well balanced hybrid effect works really well for both my GERD and anxiety. The flower structure is slightly indica dominant with densely packed calyxes. Everyone I know who has tried it loves it! A winner for sure!”