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Yogi Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Amazing bright green nugs with fire red and orange hairs. Tight with a few knobs here and there showing some of the sour d heritage. The smell and taste are a piney, almost chemmy diesel but with a citrus/lemon overtone. The high is a knockout without the sleep, total wreckage and you get to enjoy it. Definetly a great strain”

  • “This bud is more potent than the average bud (insert Yogi Bear references throughout this review) This wonderful medicine helped keep my house clean, my wife happy and my energy levels back to college levels. I enjoyed this medicine because of it's balanced effects in combating MS but also long lasting pain relief that dove tailed into sleep in a very natural way. None of the "dude where's my car" sleep, that makes y...”

  • “bigdongles apparently bought reggie and was told it was yogi diesel. this stuff is fire.full review coming. nj”

  • “Hey booboo this strain is fuckin awesome!!!”

  • “A beautiful heavily crystallized flower, with a bouquet smell of tangy pine and dank citrus. Incredibly smooth hits were enjoyed via joint, so so billowy was the smoke. This is intense, long lasting medication. I picked it up as a pain reliever, and it did just that. Other key features I noticed most: mild couch lock, introspective thoughts, fuzzy brain, cerebral pressure, creativity boost, and decent stress relief. ...”

  • “Hey booboo this is fucking best”

  • “This was a nice deep high that made me amazingly creative and happy and honestly one of the best buds I've ever smoked with taste or even smell 😀😀😀”

  • “a Little bit of Rambo Rambo is always nice to clamber slamber”