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B.B. King Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “You can apparently grow a batch in less than a week, interesting, he just passed 2 days ago...”

  • “B B King is a KOBE strain.B B will have you jamming and relaxing like John Coltrane or Miles Davis seeing musical notes in your sleep.Very Indica dominant just a slight cerebral to her.Buds were golf ball and smell so floral,pungent and skunky.Dont take much to put you on your az like GG or 9 pound hammer.Great for sleep and pain munchies will run your night stock up before indulging.”

  • “This is a violent strain. With amazing citrusy taste and a heavy hit . This stuff will get you motivated on a few hits but can put you out for the count.”

  • “This strain tastes amazing while vaped. It doesn't have a strong smell and the high is long lasting and intense. I really like it when I am chilling out watching movies or cleaning the house. I only like it for hermit days at home. It's not good for out in public as it comes with a bit of paranoia and the dry mouth is horrible. You will want to have a lot of water and a bathroom near by.”

  • “A great Indica. there's a little energy if you take a small hit. but a regular dose will put you into full sleepy time mode. a nice high, a mellow body relaxation. I really enjoy it.”

  • “Strong. Mines was more Blackberry dominant and it gave me the munchies and a power nap.”

  • “The look was interesting at first. Thought it was like blueberry until you look closer. Totally a mind relaxer. Wrote a song and took care of some house duties that has been long over-due. That was all in a couple of days after trying it. Great stuff 👌🏾”

  • “It was decent enough, made me feel slightly sleepy, and moderately hungry.”