Berry Noir Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The first thing you notice is the color. It has beautiful reddish hairs all through and a smell of perfume/ammonia. Pungent taste at first but it calms the more you smoke. Nice calming buzz that left me with a feeling of a mask on my eyes. If you smoke too much your mind can get busy.”

  • “Pungent, Berry filled aroma that leaves your nose questioning what is about to happen to you! The smoke I inhaled was smooth, but in a few moments my body was blasted away into pure indica relaxation. I absolutely love this strain - the taste, effects, length of effects are all perfect for me.”

  • “Overwhelmingly red/magenta almost the colour of red wine. Great structure.”

  • “This is one of the best strains I've had in a long time. It also tastes like berries. I love it. My new favorite.”

  • “it smells berry sweet spongy texture dark green purple leaves frosty with lots of red hair the high is very stoned n sleepy good relaxer not a day strain gud K.o strain bomb I do recommend”

  • “More of an imagination-based high than a body high. All of the noise around me became music, and by music I mean an upbeat dubstep remix of all the noise around me. It was actually really cool and enjoyable.”

  • “very well structured buddy's coated in sticky trichs and red hairs. very dense. has a very present blackberry aroma and taste on exhale. high is a little more cookie like imo which is never a bad thing.”

  • “A very relaxing strain with the taste of pungent berries.”