Black Roses Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Decent strain. Good high that keeps you chilled and relaxed, but didn't leave me with that "couch locked feeling". Good use for social nights out or dull Sundays watching tv in bed.”

  • “Smelled amazing tasted even better , made a tincture , it is worth a try if u can locate”

  • “I rolled this in a backwood, pulls very nice, smooth.Earthy taste I would say. Had a very soft scent. I felt feel Very relaxed and happy. It is pretty strong though though so you get pretty high. Good Strain !”

  • “Great strain for relaxing while still being able to carry on a decent conversation with friends without sounding like an idiot or stoner ;). Doesn’t put you to sleep but melts the stress away and leaves a happy calm in its place. Love!!”