Cookies Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This was some pretty strong stuff. A few puffs from my vaporizer and I was glued to the couch, virtually unable to budge for hours. After about two hours, it completely knocked me out and I woke up as the movie I had just started was ending. For as strong as the high was, it didn't mess with my brain too much and I was mostly just relaxed as I tried to watch movies with my wife. There are two reasons that I don't gi...”

  • “Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I purchased a 1/2 oz. of Cookies Kush, however my dispensary call it, Golden Cookies, but no matter the regional nomenclature, this batch of Cookies SC Lab tested in at 30.28% THC. That's a cookie, baby, that one must taste, for it is so sweet, that it is easy to want that next puff. But wait, I say wait! Savor one good bong load, or one good puff off a nice joint or pipe load a...”

  • “Tried this strain at Barney's Coffeeshop in Amsterdam and real talk, it was quit a treat. Cookies Cush resembles aromas found in Girl Scout Cookies. Although listed as an indica the effects touch close to a sativa dominate strain. Truly one of the better strains I tried.”

  • “I can't tell you this is a strong weed, cause that is an understatement. It had me nearly unable to carry on a conversation and/or move for about 4 hours. so yeah....”

  • “Beautiful, delish, potent Indica. GrandDaddy Purple still takes the cake as my fave indica but Cookies Kush is a close second. Relaxing, mellow, zero anxiety, some creativeness, top 10 faves.”

  • “Note: Review for OG Cookies. Very relaxing body high followed by gradually intensifying cerebral effects. Great for pain management or just lounging around after a hard day's work. Sweet and pungent taste and aroma only lasts the first few hits.”

  • “Didn't realize I had the illustrious Cookies Kush till I was packing a bowl and realized the bud tender wrote "Kush Cookies" a simple misspell. A real treat, extremely hard to find, great for night night sleepy time.”

  • “A sweet tasty strain for those who don't like too sacrifice potency for flavour this is you all over. It's sweet but retains that Kush element which gives a strong taste with strong effects. A good evening smoke if suffering from insomnia etc.”