Death Star OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “While I have yet to review any particular strain until now, This particular flower prompted me to do so, as it is now my favorite of all I have tried. I am partial to indicas, and this certainly fills the bill. Enjoyable but strong, I used a vaporizer, which eliminated any possible harshness. It comes on strong and stays with me well ast 2 hours, and the only problem I have is that it has been difficult to obtain....”

  • “Yes. A couple pulls from the vape pen and all the edges smooth away - no neck and shoulder pain, no chatter box brain reviewing my entire day. Half hour later - I'm yawning, eye lids relaxing, and typing this review - sleep awaits. Will smoke this in place of prescribed pharmaceuticals. Thank 'god' I was finally able to purchase what I need and not just what a 'guy who knows a guy' can get.”

  • “Death Star OG is a creeper, beware! You must destroy the Death Star. May the force be with you :D”

  • “Best Indica ever. super heady and relaxing. Huge nugs of stinky goodness. Great for me at night for stress and insomnia.”

  • “Hit one, you're floating in space. Hit two, your head explodes and the pieces drift off into space in a fantastic explosion. Good for stress.”

  • “Just got my free gram of this particular strain, it was some private reserve and the potency can be seen and smelled from quite a distance, the buds have a golden like quality to them with yelowish trichomes throughout giving a very sour but lemony sweet after tone much like an og kush. This high is very sedative and will sit you right down i was fully relaxed and felt it through out my whole body with very little bu...”

  • “Stupefying bud. This hits you like a freight train. Prepare for full couch lock. Better have a movie and LOTS of munchies ready.”

  • “After buying a new piece with my boyfriend I went immediately to the dispensary to grab some Death Star OG. It was a fun night of chilling in my car, toking, listening to music and reminiscing. Definatley a euphoric, talkative, giggly, happy high. Did make me feel lazy, but that's expected since it is an Indica. Pretty strong. Was faded within 30 seconds but It was chill. No anxiety, barely any paranoia. I'd say its ...”