Devil Fruit Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is one of me favorite indicas, it quickly gets me to a relaxed mood and it's 30 percent sativa really gets you creative”

  • “One of my favorite Indica strain! Absolutely amazing taste, sweet and smooth, a real delight to smoke. Effects are first uplifted and relaxing, putting you in a good and thinking mood, helps a lot to relax after a long day of work but still allow to perform choirs instead of getting stuck to the couch. And when the effects wear off, you slowly slip inside your bed and enjoy the indica effects...”

  • “nice creamy full body smoke. interesting flavor, as well a an interesting high. comes on fast, then ten minutes later it feels as if you just took another hit, great great smoke, a must try.”

  • “Not the greatest looking buds but definitly a good head high along with an amazing body high,the smell is awesome aswell. the downside is my eyes are dry as hell!”

  • “While I got a good high off of this stuff, I became kind of twitchy and uncomfortable and itchy. Could not sleep at all.”

  • “Paranoid and sleepy”

  • “Top of the line.. It has a great taste and a good mellowness, do a little and it has a kind of energy effect, or do a little more and has the good relaxing effect. Whatever you're looking for this strain delivers..”

  • “Tiene una subida muy cerebral . Se nota el efecto del cbd, esto la hace una cepa com efecto Plácido y tranquilo .”