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A celebrity cannabis strain in Quebec, Freezeland is an indica cross between Pluton and Friesland. These lavender-tipped buds have a fruity citrus flavor with pine undertones and potent full-body indica effects. Chronic pain and insomnia are the most common symptoms treated with this strain, and anyone looking for relaxation or rest will find it in Freezeland. Outdoor gardens will grow impressive harvests after an 8 week flowering period, an operation suitable for novice and expert growers alike.

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  • 1. Pine
  • 2. Woody
  • 3. Earthy

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“Pretty much the cheapest bud seen around for me. Decent quality. Don't pay much money for it though, it's not worth it.”

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“This strain indeed lives up to its name, you can feel something cold on the back of your head, then it takes a very firm grasp and makes u sleepy, its a little bit panicky, its a firm knockout in big doses. The name is quite fitting because it induces a sort of stillness thats like very consistent, to me if felt like being over dry and stone cold place. If it hadnt made me anxious it would have been better.”

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