Gobbilygoo Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is kind of amazing. Wife & I saw it at a local dispensary and decided to give it a go. Pleasant taste, mild heady effect, not too stoney. Pain is severely lessened, appetite is stimulated, and the arousal effect is slow at first, but substantial after a little while. Great stuff!”

  • “gobbilygoo is a fun strain - lots of pleasant flavour that results in giggly tingles and a bit of the munchies. the arousal effects are slow to kick in, but once you get started, it ramps you up! it helps with chronic pain and inflammation as well. I would definitely smoke this again.”

  • “I just got to say that this is by far one of the best strains I have ever had it is mind-blowing 5 Star”

  • “this is by far the best strain to cure appetite loss. you will clean out the entire fridge, pantry, and more! gobbilygoo will also put you right to sleep. it's best for night time use, and is by far some of the best indica dominant bud I've ever smoked.”

  • “Wonderful Strain to grow. Average finished time is 53 days and in my opinion odor control is needed due to sheer dankness it casts off of it.”

  • “Very great strain! It looks absolutely wonderful and smokes great. It's initial effects are straight body high and then it'll work itself up and slowly affect your vision before making you slightly dizzy. This is a awesome strain for sleep and pain and stimulating your appetite! I tried this from Eugreen Health Center in Eugene, OR and it was a really good strain. Definately a new favorite!”

  • “Nothing impressive. Not a great flavor or feel.”

  • “My favorite by far. Great for ptsd.”