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Harmonia Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I love Gumbi for the physically relaxing and mentally uplifting vibe with mild psychoactive effects. Tension & stress melt away, while I can still be productive and clear mentally. I tend to be a lightweight and this strain is perfect for me.”

  • “I enjoyed this strain the first two times. Took all my pain away with no high. Only needed one of two hits. Exactly what I was looking for. However, the third and fourth time has made me quite dizzy. The dizziness is lasting a few days coming in waves and worst when laying down. Not sure I will use this strain again due to this symptom. Hope the dizziness goes away soon.”

  • “This was the first strain I ever smoked (legally that is), in CO2 oil form. Bought it from the Farm. Back then, as a noob I wanted something smooth and gentle. I figured a high CBD strain would work. It did. Excellent INTRO TO MMJ 101 Strain. No paranoia. Found out Gumbi works for allergies as I took it during allergy season. It destroyed allergies and got me feeling pretty nice. Great body high. Go CBD and THC!!!”

  • “Update: Second allergy season Gumbi has provided relief better than any anti-histamine (or Singular, which gave me really bad side effects). CBD strains in general are having this effect on me. Gumbi is my preferred CBD strain though because I find it to be the most chillaxed indica CBD strain. So when you're sneezing and wheezing from allergies (if you are in Colorado, its literally been snowing Dandelion pollen...”

  • “I absolutely love the 1:1 CBD:THC balance of this "harmonious" strain. As a father, husband, and business executive, I need to be functional all the time, even during my down time/family time. This strain relaxes my mind, soothes my body and provides the light relief I like to indulge in, on occasion. As a natural products consumer, I also like that The Farm does not spray any of their flower, so I can feel confident...”

  • “Got this one from The Farm in Boulder. I paid $14 for a gram ($17 w/tax). Nothing special, really. I felt relaxed and only mildly buzzed after 10 or so hits. There was a mild head buzz and zero anxiety. This would be a nice comedown strain for those who accidentally got too high on other strains, and for salads for those who want a mellower high than high thc strains provide. In other words, far more medicina...”

  • “I love the pain relief I get from it. Very high on my list.”

  • “This strain has a very nice smooth hit that taste very sweet . The high that I received from this gumbi was VERY fast to my body and made me feel super relaxed and slightly euphoric. My shoulder pain went away and i was immediately relaxed .”