Hog's Breath Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I'll give this stuff somewhere between an 8.5 and a 9. When I heard we were picking some up two days ago, my initial reaction was a mix between curiosity and skepticism. I had never heard of 'Hog's Breath' before, and I didn't really get a, "Wow, that sounds awesome!", sensation from the name. Nonetheless, when it arrived, we loaded up the standard glass pipes, smoked a good three or four hits....and, slowly real...”

  • “This has been a Top favorite Indica since it was intoduced to me back in 06'. This is a very Pungent smelling Indica that will easily lay you out. Very narcotic stone, great for insomnia and pain. Highly recommended!”

  • “Bought a half O of this and I must say the high is a phenomenal experience. So peaceful and a total knock out. Satisfy your munchies and find a place to chill. I recommend hot boxing with a couple J's. You'll know it's good when you feel the punch.”

  • “i bought just some shake of this strain and i have been sick with the flu for nearly a week not being able to eat a single meal. when i tried this, i finally was able to build up an appetite and not feel nauseous. i know i will be able to eat a full meal tonight and not feel so fatigued in the morning :) definitely recommend!!!”

  • “this shit had so much keef and has kept me high for most of today”

  • “Dude, this shit will kick your ass. I took a couple hits from this bong shaped bubbler, and felt the effects almost instantly. I was stuck on the couch in the den area, all the lights were cut off, my family had on Life of Pi. Watching while faded blew my mind. After the movie I consumed a large amount of rocky road ice and red velvet cake. Anyways this is some powerful/magical shit.”

  • “Overall a very pleasant strain. The quarter I picked up of it seemed very well grown for the level of grow available, though I would like to see it grown in a more advanced setup. Onto the buds; the sharp smell is enticing to say the least. Upon smoking I found relaxing yet uplifting high very akin the Buddha's Sister. Great for smoking with friends, not the best pain relief. Would recommend to recreational smokers /...”

  • “The nug stinks, the smoke stinks, you stink -- its Hog's Breath! Certainly one of the most aptly named strains I've come across, though not necessarily one of my favorites. It did win the Cannabis Cup and it is a pretty looking Hindu Kush who had a one night stand with some Afghani, and I love a love story, but the jar I got didn't win me over. I've heard that when its right, it can be the business - so I hope to ...”