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Irish Cream

4.6| 7 Reviews

What is Irish Cream?

Irish Cream by Mighty Irish Seeds is a backcross of Mighty Irish Hope. This indica-dominant strain is short and squat with strong floral aromas. The flavor is sweet and smooth on the palate while the strain’s effects remain moderately weighted. As described by the breeder, the physical sensations that accompany this strain go from “melted to toasted,” leaving the consumer relaxed and carefree.

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Irish Cream Effects and Attributes

Muscle Spasms
Eye Pressure

Irish Cream Flavors

  • 1. Earthy
  • 2. Butter
  • 3. Nutty

Review Highlights

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“so I'm chilling in my blazing it up. my friend comes over and brings this shit so we're just laying there blazing it up when the high hits me. like I felt like everyone was my homie. a mourning Dove was chilling singing his song and we just started at each other. for that moment, he was my dude. 10/10”

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“The medium sized buds of this strain left me relaxed physically with a light head high for a couple hours...The earthy/nutty flavor with heavy hues of butter reminded me of lightly burnt popcorn which was surprisingly good and the vanilla aroma really peaked my interest. Was amazing to calm my physical twitches and spasms.”