Kushadelic Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Proud to be one of the first people reviewing this strain! Been an avid bud toker for 8 years now, have tried plenty of strains since then and this one definitely leaves a mark. If you're lucky enough to get some of same buds as me you can expect some definite kick in your hit. This is easily one of the more potent of buds I've smoked. Is it the greatest strain I've ever smoked? Definitely not, but It's name and pote...”

  • “Nice heady high. I could definitely feel the indica effect, meaning after about an hour or so I became couch locked. Fairly clear headed high. I love the way it smells. Earthy and floral.”

  • “I hit this bih in my sexy bong. Good euphoria and a sense of coming home after first hit. Calmed my mind asap. Indica. Felt splendid . Next hit was lit. Hit the chest hard and my limbs got sooo relaxed . It was cool. This strain makes me want to do reviews haha. Jk . When u hit this all u worry about is nothing cause everyhing is perfect in the moment. Then later you get a sexy sleep cause ur happy and body feels gr...”

  • “First indica I've had in months and as badly as I wanted to go to sleep I just kept cleaning and organizing. I usually buy Sativa's but I wasn't feeling well and was ready for a good nights rest. Got the opposite. Kept busy for three hours and was paranoid the whole time but thorough in my cleaning. Could still feel every ache and cramp as I finally laid down. bummed...”

  • “Very resinous - scrape the kief up after rolling - use it in joint or smoke in pipe separate - YAY!! Mellow enough for migraines, excellent for nausea. And it tastes good too!”

  • “I made 1g brownies, after 45minutes I was baked with half a brownie. Long-lasting euphoric high with nonetheless a good kick.”

  • “My first indica in months..has a great flavor earthy and fruity. Great strain for relaxation had couch lock with a nice body high. Aches and pains melted away. would be a great strain for anxiety..wicked pissah”

  • Ryn

    “so relaxing I can barely type”