Mango Reviews

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  • “Right off the bat, the name caught my attention. So I got a clone and tried it out. This became one of my favorite plants to grow. For starters, it only had 1 to 3 leaves on each branch as opposed to the typical 5 or 7. It started growing the normal ones closer towards the end. After much research, I was happy to find out that this would have no ill effect. The buds were really thick and dense. I was under th...”

  • “This has been one of the best strains I've ever tasted, smelt, and experienced. The effects are right up the alley that I look for when smoking. Induces a immediate relaxed calming feeling, but after about 5-10 minutes you unexpectedly and almost instantaneously start experiencing intense euphoria alongside an initial energetic experience. Also, expect to feel a warm, tingly, spa-like body buzz take you over after...”

  • “Pretty lung expanding. Took about 5-10 mins to kick in and now it feels like I'm swaying back and fourth. I took it for pain and to calm down after a long day. My face is a little numb and tingly. Very uplifting with no paranoia. My mind is pretty clear. Racing thoughts knocked out and I can see that this strain is gonna be a good one for getting to sleep and nighttime pain. It's a keeper!!!”

  • “Damn!!! The citrus flavors of this tropical tasting indica are so prominent that the moment you open the container, your mouth will salivate and crave the tropical fruit. Beautiful buds, and an excellent Indica effect. For me, woke me up and helped me be creative. For others, they may catch a very heavy buzz. Mango is a fantastic strain.”

  • “Very Strong. Mango hits you hard in the face with a groovy fruit-tasting trip. After four puffs from my MFLB vape, I was lost in it. The CBD from this strong indica slows you down. You will feel strong euphoria and a strong sense of serenity. All the stress or anxiety dissipates with every vape. If you smoke for more than an hour or so, you begin to have psychedelic effects. The bud itself smells fruity and delicious...”

  • “Good Indica, great taste and smell, truly tastes like candy and Mango in a very good way. Definitely worth a try the taste alone will leave you wanting more!”

  • Orm

    “Mango was my first legit strain to give a good puffin to. I remeber smelling it for my first time and actually thinking it smelt like a mango. Then the taste.. Holy shit it taste like it aswell! Anyway sat down and soaked it in for a good 5 minutes until i felt it creep right up! Had to call a friend and ask him 'what the fuck is happening!' Defiantly hit it to hard. Still my fondest first strain.”

  • “Vaped a decent amount and also smoked later. Creeper weed for sure. Mid-shelf. Nice tightly trimmed buds. This high helped chill and really enjoy resident evil along with a few xanax. Hellz yea.”