Mangolicious Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “one of the most intense, aggressive and speedy highs. Search for a long time but finally got out hands on some seeds and started growing. We have stock in South Africa”

  • “Gives pain relief better than most. The Mangolicious cultivation was used to make a tincture. 4-5 drops sublingual, and about 10 minutes later the effects kick in. Relaxed, but still alert and able to function without the massive couch-lock feel.”

  • “Total relaxation after two long pulls. My shoulders fell to my hips and everything I was stressed about became clearer.”

  • “Quick, hard hitting cerebral effects that puts your head in the clouds before laying you down on one. Great for pain relief and stress. Very relaxing, euphoric smoke. Smells like candy and tastes like citrus rind.”