Master Jedi Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This got me so high that I was convinced that the street light outside my house was the moon. Luckily my friend pointed out that "that's no moon"”

  • “One of my all time favorite strains hands down. Awesome high but not overwhelming in proper doses.”


  • “With three hits from this it tastes woodsy with tea herbs. Very Euphoric and keeps my mind entertained by getting my tasks done. This is rather unusual warm numbing sensation, although duly noted not to take over 205º C, if you want a smoother smoke. I was feeling a bit bored and sleepy way to early to go to sleep. I've Had Master Kush and skywalker separate and they are both really great hitters. I'm Doing Master ...”

  • “very good taste, not once was it a harsh smoke. Very trippy high (couple mild hallucinations) and afterwards, the uncontrolable laughs. honestly it's without a doubt the best grass i've ever smoked.”

  • “Wicked good Kush, Very strong taste, matches the buzz. Strong. Great body high that lasts so very long, great with anxiety, nervousness, etc. Long time patient recommends. Highly.”

  • “This strain has very dense nugs and populated with just the right amount of orange hairs and crystals. Me and a couple buddies smoked 26 blunts of this strain and let me tell you something, we were fucking stoned. The weed gods picked us up by their Hands and took us to nugopolis. Our legs were tingly and numb. I would drift into space for a while and come back for a second. Being in the dark while high off this stra...”

  • “Man what can I say. You can feel the force And that's awesome. One of the best strains out their don't let the force pass you by”