Mercury OG Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “This is my favorite day time "I have nothing to do" strain. It does keep you focused and to me a bit over critical of things you are working on, the trick is to start working on what ever you need to do BEFORE your first hit. This is a strong strain and it's VERY sticky. I smoke 90% of the time from a joint (I am a cigarette smoker as well) this strain does NOT burn well in a joint, the paper burns much faster and yo...”

  • “Very nice, little cotton mouth...can be couch locker if over medicated: Love how it sharpens my senses, sound especially... Clarity if you need it.....I continue to find how uniquely the stress and Fibromyalgia just go away. Top 10, seriously... If you find it, grab it and use it sparingly.... to be enjoyed thoroughly.”

  • “This is a powerful strain. Music sounds amazing but I had a hard time doing any type of work. Very relaxing, good to smoke with a group of people. It makes you a bit chatty and giggling. I found it hard to concentrate on things, but it starts with a head high that leads to a full body high. Once it reaches your full body, you will start eating and possibly fall asleep. Great for appetite, great for sleeping, and grea...”

  • “This smelly bud hits me in the face the baggy it came in smells like a rose incense garden flower shop. The bud it self smells like super sweet Lavander and sage. Mercury doesn't resemble any metal it's all super sweet and fruit for me. The darker leafs to dark green with a hue yellowish tint to the outside covering. I have very different opposite effects indicas give me energy while sativas calm me down. I've foun...”

  • CWC


  • “These flowers are light green with orange hairs and a coating of trichomes so heavy, if you put them in sunlight they sparkle like diamonds. The scent is strong pine, with pungent earthy undertones. When it comes to taste, those with a taste for a sweet, smooth smoke that has no bitter aftertaste whatsoever will absolutely love this flower. There is good expansion, but it won't make you loose a lung. The effect...”

  • “Great OG strain!!! Classic og smell when you open the jar, tastes like og as well. Green nugs with lots of red hair”

  • “Medium sized dense nugs. This specimen has amber hairs, and frost coverage throughout. Breaking into the nug gives you a sweet, spicy, og reminiscent scent. Stronger smelling of the og family. When smoked, it gave me a great head sensation. Almost sedated. And very Euphoric. Hits right behind my eyes and the top of the head like an og should, but also feeling some numbing and cheek bone tingly bouts. This is an overa...”