Russian Assassin Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “No sneaking up on you with this baby. Instantaneous mind melt. Rushes of confusion and thought lock. Once again an Indica strain providing strong sedation effects relieving body fatigue and pain. Super potent flavors tasting like a chemical pine sol mixed with skunky aftertaste. I personally didn't get any mint tastes or aromas, but the flavors I did taste were great and strong. pain remedy cerebral activator hunge...”

  • “One of the hardest and most potent hitters I've ever had the pleasure to try. Only had it once, Bought a quarter. It smelled literally like THC, or maybe like a really stronger platinum OG smell, like just pure THC smelling, it was extremely dense and sticky while also having a ''fluff'' look to it, and the trichomes gave the buds an aura of grey/extremely whte/milkyness , while the leaf color wasn't really exposed b...”

  • “One of the best weed I've had. It smells and tastes different than anything I've ever tried and I'm a pot head. So worth it.”

  • “A potent indica that relaxes the body and mind, while sparking cerebral pleasure. Any og fan should definitely check it out. Very gasey smelling.”

  • “Wasn't expecting it to be that dense reeks of gas and fire nice crystal coated colas make for great night smoke”

  • “perfect blend of old school flavor and new school high. great for blunts and tree perc glass. one of my new favorites”

  • “haha gets super high high cheek bones”

  • “Gassy, really unique weed smell. Smokes way better than it looks. And the nugs still look fire. Instant euphoric buzz from the flower bong rip. It starts at the head. U can feel the headband from it right away. Very unique strain. I am def a fan”