Sirius Black Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Undeniably beautiful strain in person! It is solid purple/black throughout the buds with the stems even being a deep purple. Truly a sight to see! Smokes nice & smooth as well. If you ever see it at a dispo be sure to grab at least a gram to hang on to as it always sells out within a day or two in my experience.”

  • “Deep black and purple buds with a surprisingly bright aroma. Indica body high alongside some sativa cerebral effects, but without any of the paranoia or panicky effects in large doses. Magical strain. RIP Padfoot.”

  • “One of my favorite strains. Glad it's local too! Very nice taste, kinda grapey to me, which is cool bc tbh most strains just taste like a** on the inhale in my opinion. This gives a nice indica body high while the head is weighted, but creative and free. Great for socializing! I was anxiety free and funny. Music sounded great, and this strain in flower still produces a significant high after doing a dab or two! Only ...”

  • “Smoked half a joint of this with a friend and started laughing furiously- the way Sirius does on his WANTED posters in The Prisoner of Azkaban. After finishing the joint I began to feel a bit like a scruffy and scary-looking dog, ready to defend the Chosen One from any harm that might come to him from the forces of darkness. This strain fucked me up- in a good way, mind you.”

  • “Smoked this for 3 days straight and it packs a punch. The taste is sweet, and so is the smell. Excellent body high and leave you STUCK.”

  • “Some of the best weed I've smoked in two or three years. It gives all that it promises. Gentle, euphoric and easy on the throat.”

  • “Very heavy Limonene terpene taste and smell. Kind of like purple grapes. Very pleasant high. Great for daytime or nighttime use. Deep dark purple buds. Definitely recommend!”