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Sour Spyder Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “For me this one hit me right after a few minutes after exhale. It's a very relaxing feel, has me Chillin on the couch with my headphone on my laptop.”

  • “I was able to obtain some beans at a very high price $20 a bean, plant is squat with a large main cola, big fans to attest to its indica lineage, however this plant has so many different strains mixed in I was dubious about it's stability, not to worry mdanzig got it down, plant frosts up nicely at the end, WARING of all the autoflowers I have grown this plants smell is the most overpowering , cloying it's everywher...”

  • “This stain is not the best but it’s up there I definitely felt the tingly feeling sitting in a trap house writing this mad stoned”