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Space Monster Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Trying this in live resin form. Harsh but nice grape, earthy flavor. Hits beautifully fast! My brain just went blank, I have a huge grin & in no pain after 4 hits. Classic couch locking indica!! Will most definitely enjoy this strain at night!! Food...”

  • “I tried this strain in bho shatter form, from a company called "Big bang shatter." I dabbed it using a quartz banger and a big shot to heat it. I did a 40sec heat and a 60sec cool. From this I experienced a wonderfully sweet on the inhail then a light chemical taste on the exhale mixed with a candy taste. Kinda of like the candy rockets from Halloween. The effect got me almost imedatly ,this is deffenatly not ...”