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Super Cheese Reviews - Page 2

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Very good strong cheese smoked. I have zero complaints on the bud equality. This is a must try for sure. only downfall is low yields. but it is a must smoke so I'm going to give it 5 stars.”

  • “Excellent high”

  • “This is one of my favorite strains, the buds are very dense and cheesy. The smoke is smooth and the high is relaxing.”

  • “If you're looking for something to relax you, Super Cheese will hit the right notes. Very relaxing and calming high, made me rather sleepy.”

  • “The best strain I've ever smoked. Straight 5 stars. Damn man. I was so fucking hungry.”

  • “I'm fairly new to game and was suggested this by a friend. Did not disappoint at all! Really relaxed high but not over powering to where I was stuck and couldn't do anything. Looking forward to smoking it again.”

  • “Kinda dizzying, but wonderful for nighttime use. This was a cloudy, foggy high for me and thusly I rarely used it earlier than 6 or 7 pm. I love the very tight, orange buds and the very distinct cheesy smell and taste.”

  • “Never have I come across such a beautiful strain like Super Cheese! I've tried blue cheese and UK cheese before, but holy crap, this stuff is stinky. It smells like parmesan! but in a really, really good way! i smoked a fairly decent sized spliff with 2 other high tolerance smokers and we were all baked. definitely a strong body relaxation, eyes felt low and heavy, and couldn't stop smiling or laughing! it really hel...”