Sweet Tooth Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Its a dry woody pungent flowery taste and smell. If you have massive depression you'll want to do SweetTooth. It has an outstanding knack for making you feel better, very sticky and dense round nuggets in deep green & orange hairs. These compact buds give you the smell of fruit and spicy flowers. Do not pass up Sweet Tooth, but bring a jug of water this strain will make you thirsty.”

  • “What drew me to this lovely gem was her beauty. From the first time I saw that densely packed green and orange sticky crystal goodness, I knew she had to be mine. I don’t usually fall for hybrids and so I was beside myself with anxiousness. You see, I’ve only ever been with sativas. It can’t be that different right? She’s not a full indica. One of her parents had to be sativa. I’m just gonna throw it out there, I act...”

  • “This is my second experience with sweet tooth and I absolutely love it. Just two hits outta my tiny glass pipe, and I was full of energy. I cleaned my entire house and did not have any of my usual pain. Sweet tooth is a great strain for energy and pain reduction.”

  • “not bad, has a good smell and a good taste. It kinda creeped up on me and left me feeling lazy but able to concentrate and stay focused. Nice for a relaxing wake and bake”

  • “This strain is killer. Smells like a sweet gingerbread cookie and hits you hard! After 2 to 3 bowls I was lit and probably could've stopped smoking and been okay, but it was so tasty that me and my buddy smoked for about two hours. As you can imagine we were beyond high, we were destroyed. Highly recommend this for a euphoric and giggly high, I was laughing constantly. Overall I gave it a 9, defiantly worth the purch...”

  • “Sweet Tooth is an amazing hybrid leaning on the sativa dominant side with very powerful effects. This strain is really an all day kind of smoke yet it can lay you out but also keep you uplifted and focused at the same time. It's definitely a must try for all and I find it best for just relaxing playing video games and such. It also helps alot with anxiety, spasms & depression. Definitely a 5 star strain that cannot b...”

  • “I had 3 Sweet Tooth girls, grown from seed, in my Northern California (West of Hwy 101) outdoor garden in 2014, and loved every bit of its performance, from germination to smoking! I like the strain so much that I kept a male in a separate, isolated location and used its pollen to seed a few buds on my Mendo Purps, Romulan Queen, Covelo Sour Diesel, Bubblegum females, as well as with a Sweet Tooth girl. I'm excited t...”

  • “A little depressed and unmotivated, took a vaped hit and in the stoner focus mode gotta tell ya this is bay far a great strain! I tend to vape at 205c for focus and 185c for stoner mood happiness and flavor. See which temp is right for you. Great now I know what to do :D have fun!”