White Kryptonite Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “White kryptonite dense has this earth with an aroma that of cup of soil. These frosted lime green buds smoke smoothly with an earth inhale hitting you with a body hugging high and with a hint of blueberry as you exhale the pain away. Great bud to smoke with a few friends on a cool comfortable evening.”

  • “Nice flavor with a expanding smoke. Be careful. Energizing and then tapers off to a relaxation.”

  • “mmmmm pure sweetness, great strain to kinda relax and watch tv, or have a good conversation”

  • “Purple Kryptonite easily 1 of the best Indica's in Arizona by far as potency and leg's of medication for pain and insomnia.Wreaks in out of jar.1 toke and your blasted anxiety and pain free for hour's.I have been picking this strain up for year's in El Mirage AZ grow's have been getting better each time.”

  • “Love. It very. Nice high.”

  • “AZ's best med always get good dunky and thick good shit!!! Good prices.”

  • “I don't know where to get this , but I would love to try it. I'm in serious pain 24/7 and this seems like it would work. if anyone could let me know where to pick this strain up, I would greatly appreciate it.”