Willy's Wonder Reviews

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Below Average
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  • eb

    “been a while”

  • “Potent but not too sedating. A strong high that mellows out with a little time. Felt happy and a little giggly.”

  • “helps with my back pain. energetic. would recommend and will definately buy again.”

  • “Tried a pre filled cartridge with my brother in law. It really healped my back.”

  • “Very interesting, I received this in a wax form and was a little excited since the description says "New patients be warned" so it has to be good! I've noticed I haven't been able to get a good cough out of this concentrate, which is odd for me I usually almost always cough which in turn usually gives me the sweats. I really enjoyed the flavor and consistency, tastes like an OG Kush to me almost but very indica-ish...”

  • “Sweet, pungent and sleepy!! Very good for before bedtime. Puts you into a very spacy float that seems to just go on and on and on.... Wouldn't recommend for a daytime smoke, unless you have no plans!!”

  • “fantastically balanced undertones of citrus, sativa formations with far extending and pale hued pistils. one dose and quickly I sunk into the effect, a warm euphoria with a fervent hunger whose intensity didn't seem to let up for hours. underrated strain.”

  • “Heavenly 😍 kiss your worries goodbye..💚”