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Willy's Wonder Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “It starts out as a very mellow buzz and then gets a little heavier. Definitely something I would smoke before bed, It's very relaxing, makes me want to sleep, and gets me very tired.”

  • “oh. not my favorite tasting, but this indica...hell I forgot what I was saying. real good real heavy.”

  • “Awesome strain. Feels like a Xanax that doesn't cripple you. Perfect night time buddy!”

  • “it's ok, just ok, and I didn't find it heavy, just relaxing. Should have listened to my gut (and got the Fruity Chronic Juice).”

  • “Good mellow strain. Low key on taste and smell but powerful. Pine and earthy taste and smell. Overall great for relaxation. Makes me sleepy. A+ Grade.”

  • “very nice happy high, relaxed and stress free feeling”

  • hi2

    “ooooo weeee. Powerful and fun. Makes doing things around the house in the evening way more interesting. You can be amazingly high on Wiily's Wonder yet you can still focus and be efficient. I didn't smoke that much of it and yet I'm a good way. You just feel super euphoric. Love this strain. For me it's an in the house strain because it takes highness to a whole new level. I keep forgetting t...”

  • “very flavorful, strong, and dense strain.”