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Willy's Wonder Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I really liked this strain in the mid 1990s but to me the newer version just isn't the same. 1990s version = A+ 2016 version = B”

  • “I got a vape cartridge of this stuff and it's great for an afternoon nap. Take a 10 at work, puff puff, and back to my desk to fall asleep. Bam, time to go home and get high again. Not good for ambition.”

  • “Very relaxing but happy strain, also notice a very social kick to it great for going out for the day. It's a mellow out strain as well if you'd rather be couch locked or "netflixing". The herb itself has a very fruity smell and a fresh taste every time I hit it. On a side note, there is a bit of a "hangover" feel after it wears off”

  • “wow! finally found my dream bud!”

  • “this strain hits really hard...i definitely recomend it for stress or just lounging around the house...high last for quite some time...first time i lit up i was on cloud nine the majority of the day.”

  • “Relaxed, very relaxed. a one note high, but one which you will definitely feel.”

  • “Relaxed, very relaxed. Not too much else without. A one note high, but definitely one you will feel.”

  • “This strain lives up to its name, taste, and smell. Have me currently stuck on the couch. First timers fully be warned very potent.”