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Willy's Wonder Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Another great sog. 7 weeks on the button. Good yield easy trim. It does invite grey mold and pmd a bit. Smoke is not so special.”

  • “Good indica strain. I picked up a half ounce from Herbal Nation for only $75. Hell of a deal. The buds are fully crystallized. It's not super dank. Flavor is earthy, spicy and sweet. The sweet comes in the end. Makes me good and sleepy.”

  • “Good for back pain”

  • “omg. it lives late 80's early 90's i had a mother plant super skunk or skunk 1.cross strained it with a krinkle that i picked up in kentucky .taisted awesome and yielded big donkey dick size buds frosted with crystals very dense with a tree fruity ,pine,earthy taiste . wonderful hybrid strain hence willys wonder.!”

  • “Love it. Works great for my pain, stress, and anxiety. Does make me want to kill the fridge a lot more than I prefer. Waiting to see how it affects my diabetes and insulin use; as of now I'm thinking it will make me use closer to normal non smoking amounts.”

  • “Shits pretty good, campfire cannabis is really cheap but the product is not cured very well. Kinda odd, maybe a different grow would be different.”

  • “great strain for ptsd”

  • “As a fan of the Afghani strains I am SO glad to have found this beauty. The description of this one is dead on. These buds smell so fruity and fresh with ever so slightly sour notes. Another flower I just want to sit and smell. The high is killer, feelin pretty baked and hungry, no pain. All's totally cool with Willy.”