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Willy's Wonder Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Flavor is good if you like lemon or pine. It's extremely distinct from the first toke. Good when you want to feel uplifted with a slight crash when you come down for a nice little snooze.”

  • tfa

    “Absolute garbage, first time I probably wiped nice amount of weed off my table onto my floor after packing a bong. Reminds me of the same dirt that is used in Glad Max. I used to pick up better stuff, buying dime bags back in the Bronx of the weed spots. 🤔”

  • “great strain for anxiety. a good strong body buzz and a clean head high, Williams Wonder is like smoking Valium. it seems to react well to any activity, not a couch lock-'er' unless that's where you are!”

  • “Turn down the lights, grab the softest blanket you have and turn on an album that you've not visited in awhile. Kick back on the couch and literally feel the cushions allow every bit of you to completely drape and melt away, all while still feeling smart enough to navigate a hedge maze. Remember that thing that was aching a little bit ago? Neither do I.... For someone who often times enjoys only Indica this hybrid of...”

  • “somme good weed”

  • “I have a pinched nerve in my neck/shoulder area that has caused extreme pain for several months. I have been a dedicated customer, trying several different Sativas & Hybrids have given pain relief from my Rheumatoid arthritis, not the pinched nerve. I tried Willys Wonder yesterday...Amazing!! This is the only relief since March. THANK YOU MONARCH &JORDAN for your sincere concern for your patients .”

  • “Favorite Indica yet. Full body relaxation makes this perfect for me to git rid of the pain and stress after a long days work. And since its always $35 for an 1/8 by me, it fits my needs and my budget.”