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Willy's Wonder Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “An old favorite. Heavy, heavy stone though, so ease into it.”

  • “I tend to favor Indica's so this was exactly what I wanted and expected. 40 shades of green on the buds. Sweet/Fruity aroma with a hint of subtle earthiness. Tastes just as good, and comes on strong. Strong couch-lock but still functional if you truly need to be. Nice and relaxing, do recommend 🌬🌲”

  • “Really taste, nice big buds - no waste. Will buy again if still available.”

  • “This stuff gives off such a clean high. mostly body and very focused. I can't recommend enough.”

  • “Nice looking buds, with a subtle earthy aroma. The high is amazing! Not too much couch lock and a perma-smile. Great for relaxing while still functional.”

  • “Very smooth”

  • “Alright so i get this weed the rec shop its grown by Spark the growers are great and for $25 an eighth and at 20% thc its a deal... The buds in every bag are nice chunky nugs, the plant must be a real nice yielder. The smell is pretty pungent danky skuny sweet fuely honey vanilla coffee yumminess and the taste is the same.. The high is very strong, red eyes... nice and euphoric and relaxing but energetic at the same...”

  • “Great ,if you like Couch-locking stains.Great for headaches,and stress.”