Willy's Wonder Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Sweet, pungent and sleepy!! Very good for before bedtime. Puts you into a very spacy float that seems to just go on and on and on.... Wouldn't recommend for a daytime smoke, unless you have no plans!!”

  • “fantastically balanced undertones of citrus, sativa formations with far extending and pale hued pistils. one dose and quickly I sunk into the effect, a warm euphoria with a fervent hunger whose intensity didn't seem to let up for hours. underrated strain.”

  • “Heavenly 😍 kiss your worries goodbye..💚”

  • “I absolutely adore this strain. It is my all time favorite. I have only had it for 2 days. The body high takes away my back pain and gives it a nice warm buzz. the mental buzz is calming. Definitely a good smoke for trying to sleep. Just my opinion :)”

  • “Incredibly relaxing and calming, Willy's Wonder is a traditional indica through and through. Great for unwinding aches and pains both mental and physical after a long day. Toking before bed will tuck you in with a bedtime story and a kiss, and you will wake up feeling as if you slept like you were dead. A fantastic strain all around.”

  • “Felt my first high again after two blunts. This shit kills!”

  • “PURP ALERT!!!! for all u purp fans this flower is like a bouquet of roses on valentines!!! 👌👌👌”

  • “I tried some of Green Lab's Willy's Wonder as part of a indoor tour (I'm pretty exclusively a sun-grown consumer) that included Fire Line and Phat Panda. Fabian's weed made my list out of the three - it not only had the immediate blow to the head of most indoor, but a wonderful lingering psychedelic resolve and high like Willy's Wonder descendant, Alice In Wonderland (father being stronger than daughter - but not wi...”