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Willy's Wonder Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “What a great POTENT strain. taste and look amazing sets in within a few minutes and had me feeling really relaxed and uplifted. definitely recommend.”

  • “good strain. I've been through a few batches of Williams Wonder and I'm always delighted to have it. the buds I've had are usually pretty BIG! nice sweet earthy smell. the high is pretty mellow. keeps you at a good level. I definitely love this strain during the evening before or after dinner hits the spot!. really like having this bud! if you've never tired it is would definitely be on the look out!👀”

  • “Williams wonder is legit if you have the real stuff. It's not great with pain but gets you stoned relaxed. It could possibly help with pain but it didn't help with my inflammation. It's very relaxing with pine lemons. I mixed it with some fruity buds and it smelt great. Havent grown it yet but can't wait to. Recommend shishkaberry,skunk,pine tar, og kush if you like this”

  • “If, this is the legendary willies wonderr I'm smoking, then its deff a danky India. I'd give it top shelf status. Being a decent smoker, 2 hits and I feel it nicely in my eyes and 3rd person camera feeling. I give it an A.”

  • “The THC and CBD levels on this strain were in the range of others I find helpful. Unfortunately, the medicine landed with a thud, with only minor improvement in pain and functionality. I find this to be one of the most forgettable meds I have tried in recent memory.”

  • “Pleasantly surprised me, got it on a budget and boy did it do the trick. Heavy heavy heavy. Great for low lights, laying back and letting your mind drift to some spacey tunes. Phenomenal for pain and relaxation.”

  • “I really liked this strain in the mid 1990s but to me the newer version just isn't the same. 1990s version = A+ 2016 version = B”

  • “I got a vape cartridge of this stuff and it's great for an afternoon nap. Take a 10 at work, puff puff, and back to my desk to fall asleep. Bam, time to go home and get high again. Not good for ambition.”